The Incest Trauma Center – Belgrade (ITC; officially registered in 1994) is a women’s nongovernmental organization, a service specialized in the Sexual Assault issue. The professionals were originally trained in the sphere of health and mental health. More details about the activities of the ITC can be downloaded at and . We provide psychological assistance to child and adult survivors of sexual violence and their supportive persons (7 reported cases per week; the only representative statistical data on the national level on the social problem of sexual abuse of children for the period 1994-2014, which was published annually, has been incorporated in several national strategies and reports for the Republic of Serbia). At the same time, we work as a Training Center and after 22 years of ITC activities, our diverse training programs have been attended by 8,874 from 832 GОs and NGОs (4/5 from GОs). All the ITC educational and preventative programs have been conceived and realized on the grounds of our team’s direct daily practical activities in the context of violence against women and children. Our trainers work in ed. programs accredited by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health of Serbia. (Just two llustrations: over the period 2001-2003, in partnership with the Ministry of the Interior, we trained police officers from 11 towns, starting from public law and order, then sex offences and juvenile delinquency departments to teachers on all three levels of police schooling (effective 42 hours of work); 2005-2011, in partnership with the Ministry of Justice of RS, for the personnel of 4 penitentiary institutions in the territory of Serbia working with women and minor perpetrators of criminal offences. Educational programs of basic and advanced level (42 + 58 effective hours of work). Within our identity of the Sexual Assault Prevention Center, 8,713 children and adolescents completed our 10 weeks long „Healthy Choices for Kids“ Prevention Program for teachers, parents and kids. Besides, within ITC, the Sexual Assault Prevention Peer Team runs our Sexual Assault Prevention Club (schoolers age 12 to 18 run the Club assisted by our Volunteers mainly of age 19 to 25). Within this identity, we also ran a several surveys and collected data to identify further lines of operation. To emphasize, since 2014, ITC has been developing Co-management Model of decision making process, joint by staff and youth involved and this includes Decision-making youth structures in ITC daily practice and Youth participation in Evaluation.

In June 2001, the ITC started and has to this day been coordinating The Network of Trust against gender-based violence (an intervention team of trained practitioners from 15 GОs and NGОs, who in the course of their daily professional activities provide assistance to child and adult survivors to all forms of violence). We are experienced in public campaigns and lobbying (e.g. in the period 2007 - 2011, we were implementing a nationwide campaign against sexual violence entitled “The Me Nobody Knows”, one of the specific aims of which is the introduction of the topic of Sexual Assault into the school curricula, syllabi and textbooks; also the Campaign “1 IN 5” in the period 2012-2015). We note 1217 appearances in media.

In accordance with the ITC Strategic Plan for the period 2015-2020 (started this line of operation in 2009), our main identity is related to the Sexual Assault Prevention Center, and accordingly, some of the results have been: A) State Excellence Award ‘for special contribution to awareness-raising concerning the unacceptability of sexual and genderbased violence” (The Ministry of Social Policy of Serbia, 2010) B) Finalist in 2011 and recipient in 2012 of the award “REWARD” of the National PR Society of Serbia in the category “Communication in the non-profit sector”; note:: ITC has been the only competitor that both years created and implemented its Campaign on our own, with no hiring marketing agency; C) Appointment by the Council of Europe in Strasburg as the official national partner in the Campaign against child sexual assault for the Republic of Serbia, the Campaign entitled “ONE in FIVE”, based on the Lanzarote Convention (according to the signed agreement, in the course of the entire Campaign, 2012-2015) D) The official song “Stop the Silence!” of ITC Campaign in Serbia has been handed over to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and it has been designated as the official song of “ONE in FIVE” Campaign on European level to be used by the member-states E) In April 2013, the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia adopted ITC Initiative FOR the rescinding og the Statute of Limitations concerning sex offences committed against children. In this way, Serbia became second country in Europe, after UK, where the Law recognizes long-term effects of sexual trauma (comparing with earlier regulation when child sexual abuse offender could be prosecuted only six years after the last incident of sexual abuse occurred). Now, the survivor was provided the right to report and start up a criminal procedure when gaining psychic strength and social power necessary to act as a more equal participant in prosecution. ITC officially initiated and worked intensively toward this historical change of legislation F) In 2014, ITC staff wrote up themselves and with associates from schools provided numerous resources for learning on Sexual Assault issue in the classroom within the national (pre-)school curriculum and relevant textbooks (incl. opening 1st Sexual Assault Peer Prevention Club that has been with its program activities also put at disposal of the Ministry of Education of Serbia and its Violence Prevention Unit). We continued designing ed. resources in coming year. G) In 2015, ITC has been the owner, leader and author of the 1st National Study in Serbia on Prevalence and Incidence of Childhood Sexual Assault that we nowadays carry out directly in the field (in 97 primary and secondary schools) in co-operation with the Ministry of Education of Serbia and the Women's Health Promotion Center from Belgrade, supported by the Delegation of EU to Serbia. The Preliminary Report published in June 2015 and the Final Report in October 2015, followed by a new 3D ed. resource for children, youth, parents and teachers („I am here for you, too!“). Meanwhile, we worked parallel as the member of the Task-force of the Parliament of Serbia (Child Rights Committee in charge now to propose improvements in Family Law in chapters concerning Child Abuse) as well as co-operated with the Gender Equality Coordination Body of the Government of Serbia where we had contributed to the Action Plan 2015 with actions concerning introduction of Child Sexual Assault issue into the national school curriculum for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and also provided contribution to the Draft of new Gender Equality Law. In 2015, by being the subject of two Public Hearings in the Parliament of Serbia, the Sexual Assault issue has reached its highest point ever concerning its visibility on a public agenda. In September 2015, in partnership with the Women's Parliamentary Network, we presented results of the National Study in the Parliament. Then in 11 towns in Serbia ITC led the Public Discussion together with the Ministry of Education in order to Draft the Strategy in Education for Prevention of Child Sexual Assault in the Republic of Serbia and we included both school students and adults from different sectors. Based on the results of 1st National Study and Public Discussion, on November 18 (the European Day Against Child Sexual Assault), again with the Women's Parliamentary Network, the Ministry of Education and the Ombudsoffice, we presented the Draft at the Public Hearing in the Parliament of Serbia. Authors' team that wrote up the Strategy in Education was consisted of the Ministry of Education (Violence Prevention Unit / Group for the Protection against Violence and Discrimination) and the Incest Trauma Center – Belgrade and the Strategy was adopted by the Ministry of Education. Immediately afterwards, we submitted to the Parliament ITC Initiative on Prevention of Retraumatization within Criminal Prosecution concerning Survivors of Childhood Sexual Assault (requesting Monitoring role of the Parliament regarding protection legislative measures in accordance with the Lanzarote Convention). In February 2016, the Initiative was presented to members of the Parliament in co-operation with the Ombuds office and its Child Rights Division that wrote up the legal formulation of the Initiative.

Starting from 2016, we're running the National Campaign called „I AM HERE FOR YOU, TOO!“ and, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and selected school personnel pool, writing up Educational Packs for kindergarten and 11 subjects that belong to the national curriculum of primary and secondary schools to integrate the Sexual Assault issue to be learnt by children, youth and parents within a regular life of kindergartens and schools.


May 2016