Staff counselors and organizational structure:

Staff counselors of the Incest Trauma Center – Belgrade are women of different professions (mainly mental health workers) trained especially to work with child sexual abuse survivors and their families. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Counselors' expertise also includes the following areas: domestic violence, sexual assault, war trauma, NGO management, group dynamics issues. The expertise has been built up through foreign experts' educational programs or temporarily working directly in institutes abroad of this kind.

The Center is professionalized organization with high organizational clarity and counselors in their own autonomous positions gathered into team work. The decision making process works on a day to day basis through consensus. Ongoing activities are under the supervision of both a local and Dutch professional support and the evaluation of the work as a whole (the content plus organizational issues) is done in regular intervals.

Members of personnel and associates for specific services:

-- Dušica Popadić, director

- Ljiljana Bogavac, deputy director

- Ljiljana Savić

- Milica Spasić

- Milica Pejić

- Milena Živanović

- Marija Krivačić

- Miroslava Vuković

- Dušanka Jovanović

- Stanislava Otašević

- Snježana Mrše

- Stanislava Lazarević

- Jasna Trifunović

- Svetlana Pavlović

- Dijana Živanović

- Ivana Vučković

- Ivana Doganjić

- Dragana Bojić

- Dejana Ivanović

- Sara Pejčić

- Violeta Đurić

- Bojana Stošić

- Neđiba Mehmedović

- Nikola Janjić

- Peter Spijker                        



Marleen Diekmann Schoemaker
supervizorka Incest Trauma Centra - Beograd

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